Added Chance Career Education

Added Chance is an employment program that works with wards of the state aged 16-21 years. The Added Chance Program provides these older adolescents and young adults with a formalized, yet creative, training experience, followed by extensive counseling, actual employment and employment follow-up in order to achieve economic and social self-sufficiency by the time they emancipate from DCFS (usually at age 21). Every year, Added Chance trains about 200 youth and places around 130.


Comprehensive Prevention

This program involves students, staff, parents, and community members within ASN in a comprehensive effort to combat substance abuse. The program provides substance abuse information, skill building opportunities, alternative activities, training for counselors, and activities to influence social policy.


Extralearning Online (ELO)

Fostering Opportunity Through Learning
(Services are FREE to youth in care of DCFS 14 to 21 years)

Extralearning Online is an affordable comprehensive K-adult learning and program management system thatdelivers and manages standards aligned education, training, and resources over the Internet on a subscriptionbasis. Assessments, learning content and reports are included and can be customized by the user - evenadd your own resources!

Our mission is to help you achieve yours, whether you work with children, youth or adults.
The Extra Equation works for learners of all ages. Dramatic gains in education and tested skill levels - evenamong the most disadvantaged - are achieved when extra opportunities, extra resources, extra hours, extraattention and extra incentives are provided and extra effort is applied.

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PraXis Project

A school leadership and capacity building initiative supporting high school directors and teachers with their school improvement goals by sharing experiences, ideas and initiatives within ASN and through collaborations and support from external partners. Services provided include, principal mentoring, targeted professional development opportunities, teacher and leadership preparation. Institutional partnerships include, Northeastern Illinois University, Illinois College and CLASS Leadership.


Program & Policy Development

Through these efforts, ASN seeks to influence public policy and funding streams to impact education and labor force training at the local level, particularly programs that meet the needs of low-skilled adults and youth in literacy, numerical reasoning and calculation, and critical thinking skills.

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Project New Future (PNF)

PNF works with high school junior and senior participants in the YS3 Program (see below) to help them successfully transition from high school to post-secondary careers, training, or college. Mentors and Transition Specialist develop and provide quality programming and transferable skills for students to prepare them for college, the workforce, and vocational training. PNF help to build and navigate community resources that students become familiar with as they move toward independence and self-suffi ciency.


Re-Enrolled Student Project (RSP)

The Re-Enrolled Student Project (RSP) is a collaboration between The Alternative Schools Network (ASN) and the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB). RSP provides expanded academic and wraparound services to over 450 out-of-school teens annually through programs centered in community-based alternative high schools across Chicago.  

RSP focuses on getting students re-enrolled and supporting them in every way possible as they attain their high school diploma and continue their studies at a college level or place into a job. 

The RSP project is designed to be a partnership between ASN and ICCB, together with its member schools, working with the collective mission of keeping students encouraged, engaged and enrolled.

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TitleXX/Compass Counseling

Title XX/Compass Counseling Program funds positions at 11 program sites and provides supportive services outside the classroom environment to targeted youth and young adults, ages 14-24, attending Alternative Schools Network high schools and learning centers. Counselors work with students to help them achieve their personal and educational goals. This program is funded through the Illinois Department of Human Services and the City of Chicago Department of Family and Support Services.

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Video Services

Videos of interviews and presentations of poets, authors, and others are available to ASN members. Contact the ASN office for access to this service. Videos concerning other topics, such as substance abuse and prevention, are also available.

Youth Experiencing Success (YES)

YES provides academic and mentoring services to out-of-school youth. Thirteen schools participate in the program which serves over 300 students citywide. Students are enrolled and linked to an on-site mentor who provides them with counseling, assessment, support services and advocacy. The goal of the program is for each student to obtain academic success, high school graduation, and future planning and achievement. This program is funded by the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership (CCWP).


Youth Leadership Development (YLD)

Working with alternative schools and their communities to ensure youth voices in policy debates at the city, state and national level, YLD helps youth from across the city to receive training, participate in rallies, serve as panelists at academic and other conferences, and attend events planned and led by young people. YLD facilitates opportunities for teachers and staff to take action on social policy issues, primarily to advance the cause of second-chance education.


Youth Scholars, Skills, Service (YS3)

This program provides Chicago area youth who are in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), are not enrolled in an educational or vocational program and do not have a high school diploma or GED with the opportunity and resources to attain their educational goals and become independent and productive adults. Integral components of YS3 are student mentoring, college placement, and support.

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