logosasnAlternative Schools Network (ASN) is a not-for-profit organization in Chicago working to provide quality education with a specific emphasis on inner-city children, youth and adults.

Since 1973, ASN has been supporting community based and community-run programs to develop and expand training and other educational services in Chicago’s inner-city neighborhoods. In addition to supporting direct services, ASN has advocated for community based services in which the people involved are active participants in developing and running programs rather than passive recipients of services.

Today ASN helps shape policies and programs, based upon its impressive track record of operating successful education, employment and support service programs.

ASN Membership

Members of ASN are non-profit, independent, and self-governing schools and youth and adult education organizations. Members elect a governing board that is representative of members and programs. Board members are elected for two-year terms at the annual meeting in the fall. The board meets once a quarter and any member is welcome to attend a board meeting.

Benefits of Membership
Member schools participate in many of the programs that ASN operates, all of which are designed to enhance students’ academic abilities and self-motivation so they remain in school throughout the completion of a high school diploma or equivalent and support the different member schools through joint programs, services, and advocacy.

Support programs and services include staff development, student counseling, an all-network prom, an annual Alternative Idol showcase, a yearly youth summit, drug/alcohol prevention curriculum, pre-employment and job training programs, a family literacy program, an athletic program, advocacy for alternative education programs and listing in the directory.

Qualification for Membership
Members of ASN are not-for-profit, independent and self-governing schools and youth and adult education organizations. Those interested in membership should contact ASN at (773) 728-4030 and request an application. A nominal annual membership fee is required.

Our Goals

Resource Development -- to identify the necessary resources that support educational programs and effective learning activities at alternative schools

Technical Assistance and Training -- to provide technical assistance and training across the city and build support and cooperation among and between alternative schools; and

Advocacy -- to impact and shape public and private policy in the areas of education, employment, social services and other areas as they relate to and affect inner-city youth and families.

Office Locations

Main Office
Alternative Schools Network
1807 West Sunnyside - Suite 1D
Chicago, IL. 60640
Phone: (773) 728-4030
Fax: (773) 728-3335

Satellite Office
Alternative Schools Network
1122 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
Phone: (773) 342-4243
Fax: (773) 342-4199